A computer became one of the most important pieces of office equipment and can be found in every company irrespective of its profile. Electronic communications replaced all other kinds of information exchange and it is very hard to imagine the world of business without the Internet nowadays. We are surrounded by computer hardware and in order to survive we need to adjust to the electronic evolution took place some time ago.
In order to reach new markets and clients it is necessary to carry out localisation of IT solutions so that they correspond to specific requirements of final recipients. We will help you achieve this objective thanks to a team of translators who specialize in translating IT texts. They are professionals with many years of experience who know where to look for answers if something is not clear. Thanks to the CAT software that we use in our everyday activities we are able to translate the majority of file types existing on the market. We ensure coherence and compliance of terminology thanks to application of special dictionaries, glossaries and translation memories.
The most important IT translations and localisation projects that we have carried out so far include:
• Localisation of specialist software for designing buildings and interiors
• Localisation of ITS application environment and Enterprise Service Bus
• Description of a pay card verification process
• Localisation of an application enabling sharing of services between banks
• Localisation of website devoted to mobile tourist applications
• Localisation of selected applications from the Microsoft Office 2010 suite
• Localisation of payment terminal software
• Localisation of systems used for ash transportation
• Localisation of application enabling more intensive and efficient foreign language learning
• Localisation of website for a recognised clothing company

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