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Which five characteristics

of an agency are the key to success?

Five features of a professional translation agency
What should you pay attention to when choosing an office that will ensure the perfect translation of documents and contracts for your business?

1. A database of translators and processing capacity tailored to your project

For large translation projects – for several dozen or several hundred pages – pay attention to the size of the database of translators the agency cooperates with. A boutique translation office that uses the services of several freelancers may not have specialists available to translate the extensive technical specification as early as the following Monday. Extensive translation for business is a team effort.
Did you know that one translator translates an average of 8-10 pages a day? Large translations have to be split up when deadlines are lingering. Therefore, well-coordinated and experienced teams of linguists are needed. How can you check if an agency has experience in large specialist projects? Ask for examples of similar implementations and ask for references. Find out, at least approximately, how many pages of text per day the office is able to translate. Specify the subject and language combination.

2. Proven quality assurance system instead of empty declarations.

Everyone promises quality – it is repeated across company websites, regardless of the industry. But what does ensuring professional standards mean for an agency you want to outsource a difficult technical or legal translation to? What to ask to make sure you have found a reliable partner? After all, you need an exact translation, thanks to which the Hungarian engineer will efficiently install the components and the French partner will easily understand the terms of the contract. The quality of a translation depends on the work of a well-coordinated team of experts.
Did you know that taking care of a perfect translation is a task not only for the translator? It takes many experienced pairs of eyes to produce a translation that is perfect in every way. In the best translation agencies, proof-readers, technical experts and native speakers are involved in the verification process. Thanks to them, you can be sure that the translation of your financial report is not only faithful and correct, but also sounds natural and represents your brand well. Before you start cooperation, find out how the given agency will guarantee the correctness of your translation. The quality of the translation is also a system for recruiting subcontractors as well as established software supporting the translation and ensuring the consistency of terminology. Quality means thoughtful processes which govern the workflow of an agency. It is worth paying attention to those translation agencies that have implemented Quality Assurance procedures in accordance with ISO standards.

3. Managing translations into several languages that will simplify your work.

A good translation agency is, above all, a great organisation – one that controls hundreds of files and queries. The smooth course of the translation process is supervised by an agile management specialist – a project manager, just like the conductor of an orchestra. This person will compose a specialised team of translators, distribute hundreds of pages and make you get your text on time. A project manager who knows your needs saves time and reduces stress. Just send your file to your friend – your project manager. The project manager knows your company’s customs and procedures, and will send back the verified translation of the documentation into English and Hindi before the weekly meeting with the investor. You can rest easily because the experienced project manager is awake. S/he will coordinate translators and verification specialists working in different time zones.

4. Having your terminology under control (i.e., communication without ambiguity).

Take back control over communication in your company! It is not your fault that languages like synonyms. What some will call ‘risk assessment’, others will translate as ‘hazard analysis’. The same tube-like element may be a sleeve, a liner, reel or a core, depending on what is common in a given factory. Since we use different terms, how do we know we are talking about the same? Confusion in terminology leads to misunderstandings and, as a result, to errors that are costly for the company. It is easy to avoid – a good translation agency will create an individualised terminology base and ensure the consistency of the industry vocabulary in all texts.

5. A timely and comprehensive service adapted to the pace of your activities.

The best translation companies work quickly and flexibly. At the last minute, it turns out that in addition to the written translation of training materials, you need to make subtitles for the film? The English-speaking trainer has fallen ill and will send a friend who only speaks Spanish? What can you do? . Life can surprise you, but it is not a problem for a professional translator’s office. The advantage of large agencies is quick access to proven translators of all specialisations. You can find a translator, interpreter and audio-visual translation in one place. Thanks to this, you will save the time needed to search and determine the rules of cooperation. Are you looking for a proven provider of business translation services? Call us! Let’s talk about how we can help you succeed.

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