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Perfect translations

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Perfect translation for business, meaning what?

The best translations in Poland – the highest quality, error-free translations! These are the slogans that translation agencies boast on their stylish websites and glossy brochures. But what is this quality? What does an ideal translation consist of? How do you assess if you have received a perfect product? Faithfulness and accuracy on which your business depends. Specialised translations – medical, technical or financial require not only linguistic knowledge and knowledge of the field, but also surgical precision. You cannot afford to skip zero or change feet to metres. The diligence of the translator may determine the dose of the drug given, the width of the welded bracket or the price someone will pay for 20 pallets of your product. Nobody would like to lose several hundred thousand euros because the translator missed one zero. How can you prevent such problems? We need text verification and CAT translation tools to help spot possible errors. Specialist terminology to help you communicate

It’s a myth that you can find everything in online dictionaries.

Even technical ones are very limited. The world of technology or financial services is changing at a rapid pace. Before printing the new edition, the authors of the car dictionary often fail to add the names of the newest component to electric cars on time. In order to choose the appropriate term, the translator must understand the function of the element and find an equivalent in a foreign language. How? Reads industry studies, research articles and watches YouTube tutorials. The purpose of the translation – to avoid misunderstandings. However, accurate use of specialised vocabulary requires experience and a deep understanding of the industry. What can you do to get the highest quality specialised translation? Share your knowledge with translators! Share company materials and technical specifications, recommend the best websites and be ready to answer your questions. Commas, articles and collocations – the correctness that builds your brand. One comma here or there,  who cares? A verb and a noun that make up an awkward phrase – no big deal. Everybody knows what it is all about, so thinking like that is a mistake – especially in the case of a website or key documents. Some employers will only hire a candidate with an ironed shirt. Some contractors will only place an order if you take care of the details professionally. Also, the linguistic ones. You ordered a translation into Chinese. Do you want to be sure that the business translation you have received is flawless? Ask your translation agency about its quality control system. Cultural context – a text that will appeal to your target group
You have just received a translation of the description of a new line of men’s bags that you want to introduce to your boutiques. The translation is accurate, the punctuation is flawless and the terminology is correct – but something is wrong. The film associations you’ve made are completely lost in translation, the references to street names and song titles do not evoke emotions. You are afraid that these comparisons will be simply incomprehensible to someone who is not an expert on French culture. Are your clients just lovers of timeless elegance but are not only advanced Francophiles? What can we do about it? Remember that a perfect translation is a translation that is culturally adapted to your target audience. It is also a text that meets your business goals. When you order a translation, please tell us about your expectations and the text function of the translation agency. A project manager can offer you a creative translation (i.e., transcreation). Clarity – a message that facilitates understanding
This is especially important on the internet. You open the ordered translation. It is correct and culturally adapted but the sentences are unbelievably long and complicated. Wondering where the subject is? What this is all about? The target audience will also feel confused. Perhaps this is what the author wrote and the translator remained faithful to the structure of the source text. However, this is a text that will not be fully read by a reader of the English version as s/he is fond of simplicity. The culture of clear writing is one thing, the other is the specificity of the internet. Reading online is more tiring for the eyes and internet users only scan the text. Complicated sentences full of the passive voice will make your clients look once and „surf away” further. There is a solution to this. Do you order a translation for the internet? Focus on the fact that the text must be clear and well-written above all. Now you know what to look for when ordering a translation for your company. Do you need a perfect technical, legal or e-commerce

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