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The pandemic has changed our approach to shopping.


We are more willing to browse virtual shelves as well as foreign ones. We use online services more often. How can you make your brand sell just as well in a foreign language as it does in Polish? Why do you need translation specialists for e-commerce? With a professional online shop translation, customers from abroad will read about your company, easily find you in a search engine and make sure that it is your product that makes their lives easier. The first impression on the internet is an image and a word. In the case of expansion into foreign markets, a word in a foreign language. Effective translation is the basis for e-commerce business expansion. Did you know that CSA Research shows that 76% of customers prefer to buy products with information in their language? 40% of respondents will never decide to buy on a foreign language website? Or, maybe Google Translate is enough? What to remember when translating an online store? And is it really worth outsourcing? Or, maybe, the Google Translate plug-in is enough? It is true that customers will understand the general meaning (e.g., that it is a face cream and not a foot cream), but it is not enough. You need a description that conveys the benefits and details, promotes your brand and encourages customers to put the product in their shopping cart. That is why it is worth investing in a professional translation of the online store. Online store translation. What to look out for? Find an agency that specialises in translating online shops and that will handle CMS language files without any difficulty. Upload your translated files easily and smoothly instead of struggling with pasting and conversion. Check if the selected agency supports the most common formats – .xml, .po, .csv or .xls – if you do not wish to receive your texts back in Word. Translation of descriptions – take care of the original content and be found in search engines. Thanks to the translation of Polish descriptions, you will create unique content that will position itself well. Pasting the description of, for example, a French manufacturer will create duplicate content that can pull your shop to the bottom of the view list. Google’s robots are harsh and do not like plagiarism. Find keywords and raise Google rankings in foreign languages.
Take care of preparing a list of keywords in a foreign language for translators or outsource it to e-commerce translation specialists. Do you produce practical suitcases for aircraft? Check if your foreign customers search for small suitcase, hand luggage or carry-on baggage in the search engine. Translate the URL – convenient navigation and SEO points
Does the agency you want to entrust the translation with use software that will automatically add the /fr or /en attribute to the URL of the subpage in Polish? Instead of automatic assignment, ask for the address to be translated. Czerwonasukienka/en will turn into reddress/en. This will improve positioning, and customers from abroad will appreciate easier navigation and searching for a specific product. Adapt to the foreign market (i.e., localise your product).
Product localisation? Is this about its location on Google Maps? No, it is about adapting a product or service to the needs of the local culture. Localisation can be a deep process that goes beyond the text itself. Sometimes, in order to match a product to a recipient from another continent, you need to change the character’s outfit in the advertisement or cut out nude scenes from a computer game. Linguistic localisation is the inclusion of a cultural context in translation or content. Do you sell Christmas tablecloths to Chile? It is better to change the familiar references to carp and holy wafer to a reference that is understandable outside of Poland. Language localisation also means adapting to the local variety of a language. Do you want to sell crisps in London? You will use a different word in the description than if you were exporting them to the USA. Localisation is also a measurement conversion, adjustment to the local currency or date recording. Transcreation – a translation that makes your brand shine.


Why, sometimes, will an accurate translation cost you a fortune?


Do you want to sell trendy T-shirts to teenagers but the descriptions on your website sound like those written by someone from the tax office? This does not bode well for success. Transcreation is a translation that makes the right impression. It requires creativity, knowledge of the nuances of the language and cultural associations. Even a correctly translated text can lose its edge, funny tone and references to the language of pop culture that were characteristic of the source text. Transcreation will convey the author’s intentions, tone and emotions. Transcreation requires a detachment from just specific words. Examples? Ads, movies and websites. Remember when you laughed at Shrek, at the donkey that hummed “Śpiewać każdy może…” (as narrated by Jerzy Stuhr)? This is a completely different joke to the American original with the voice of Eddie Murphy. It was funny because it was adapted to Polish culture. A transcreation translator finds meaning between words. Book review or interior design article? You cannot translate word for word here – you have to convey the meaning. In transcreation, it is also necessary to be aware of what is funny or unacceptable in the target culture. A faux pas in translation can destroy the success of your product.
There are still names that raise foreign eyebrows as producers literally got lost in translation. Would Turkish ‘Kupa’ sports shoes have a chance to conquer the Polish market? And yet a kupa in Turkish is just…a cup, like a World Cup in football. An experienced interpreter will protect you from similar mishaps.
The case of the name of ‘Mitsubishi Pajero’ on the Spanish-speaking market probably does not need much explanation. Make yourself known – online simultaneous interpretation of events and webinars 
Would you like to promote your brand on the web? How about organising an expert webinar? We started enjoying online events. Did you know that they can be translated orally, live? We use platforms and tools for remote interpretation (i.e., RSI – Remote Simultaneous Interpreting). Imagine that several thousand people around the world can hear about your innovative application or ecological cosmetics. And it is live, in your own language. They can also ask you questions and give you feedback. Order your online translation for e-commerce in the most convenient way
Modern translation agencies are prepared to handle online business. You do not need to submit paper documents or show up at the office. Professional offices are used to working with companies that operate remotely. It does not matter if you run your business from the Seychelles or the Caribbean or what hours you like to work. The translators of the best offices work 24 hours a day. You can arrange the formalities by e-mail and can order and receive the translations online. Is your product ready to enter the global market? Are you looking for an agency that specialises in translations for the e-commerce industry? We will help your brand speak foreign languages. Call us! Let’s talk about comprehensive solutions for your company.

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