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means adaptation

Localisation is the adaptation of a given product to the needs of the local market by translating the interface and documentation of the programme into the target language or even dialect. Localisation does not only mean translating individual text elements, but also adapting the entire package of target language conventions (units of measurement, date formats, etc.).

Our professional localisation teams pay attention to the cultural determinants of the target community (the way in which they converse with the addressee), as well as non-language requirements such as operating methods, types of external services related to specific software, technical support and additional services. It is also necessary to consider the operating system that the programme is supposed to run on.

When locating software, our specialists make every effort to ensure that the terminology is fully consistent with the terminology used in the target language, as well as with other popular applications. Localisation experts are responsible for adapting the content to the specific legal requirements of the target country. In short, localised products should be perceived by the target audience as if they were created and developed in the cultural and legal conditions of the target country or region.

Localised product

1. Corresponds to the business, cultural and linguistic conditions of the target market.
2. Gives the impression of being specifically designed for the target audience.
3. Conveys the same original message. It is best to entrust the localisation to an experienced language service provider.

Localisation process

1. Preparing files
2. Preparation of a translation memory
3. Translation, editing and quality control
4. Localisation of graphic elements
5. Linguistic quality control
6. Compilation or DTP

Post-translation activities

1. Technical quality control
2. Linguistic control performed by the client
3. Formatted document verification
4. Testing
5. Final quality control

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