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and proofreading

To ensure that our clients’ texts are 100% accurate and meet all of the established requirements, we provide reviewing and proofreading services. Due to the fact that most translations are done by humans, there is always some risk of a mistake being made, be it accidental or due to time pressure. Verification and proofreading are designed to reduce this risk to an absolute minimum and, thus, the quality of translations is always of the highest level.

Reviewing is a service whereby a professional translator with knowledge in the same field and who specialises in the same language pair as the translator works on a specific text, verifies and corrects any inaccuracies in the translation by comparing it with the source text. Any incorrect translations, omissions or other errors are eliminated and the final text is as close to ideal as possible.

Conversely, proofreading is carried out by a native speaker (of the target language) who may not necessarily be an expert in the source language. The role of the proofreader is to ensure that the final text is natural and does not contain any grammatical, stylistic, spelling errors, etc.


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