The ILS company was established in April 2004. From the very beginning, our main goal was to provide both corporate and individual clients with the highest quality translation services.
Today, we translate for hundreds of companies and thousands of people from Poland and around the world who are look for a reliable and trustworthy business partner. We are experts in what we do and we offer competitive rates. We translate all kinds of texts in almost every language in the world.


Specialised translations are one of the most responsible and difficult areas of our work, but also one of the most interesting. Every day we provide specialised translation services to hundreds of companies at home and abroad.


Localisation is the adaptation of a given product to the needs of the local market, achieved through translating the interface and documentation of the software into the target language, sometimes even a dialect. Localisation is not just about translating individual components of the text…


Interpreting is the process of verbally translating a spoken message between two languages. The role of an interpreter is to convey the thoughts and utterances spoken by a person in another language whilst retaining their meaning. We offer two types of interpretation services.

Printing and DTP

We have been collaborating on a long-term basis with proven printing companies, to whom we outsource the provision of DTP services. We offer a full range of services connected with preparing materials for print. Based on a text received from our ….

Verification and proofreading

In order to ensure that our customers’ texts are free of any errors or mistakes and meet all the agreed requirements, we offer verification and proofreading services. As most translations are done by humans, a certain potential for error always remains …


Every day we work with professionals who specialise in transcription – the art of converting an audio or video recording into a text document. We work with many types of file format …



ul. Zamojska 18 lok.2.

93-486 Łódź

+48 789 171 447



ul. Zamojska 18 lok.2.

93-486 Łódź

+48 789 171 447

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