The scientific texts that we translate everyday are devoted first and foremost to chemistry, biology and physics. Our translators are specialists in specific fields, having many years of experience in providing scientific translations meeting the highest quality standards. The majority of our clients in this field are higher education facilities, technical universities and government agencies dealing with agriculture.
Moreover, we collaborate very closely with experts, who help our translators in preparing highly complex and difficult texts.
On the basis of previously done translations and specially prepared dictionaries provided by our clients we are able to build and use a dedicated translation memory, which speeds up the process of translating new texts while ensuring complete consistency and compliance of terminology.
Below there is a list of scientific articles that we translated recently:

• Articles devoted to thermal processing using various kinds of chemicals for one of the leading technical universities in Poland.
• Reports and expert’s opinions regarding diseases that afflict tomato plantations
• Article aiming at increasing the potential within the framework of sustainable development through integration of climate changes and strategic planning
• Scientific works on carburisation process optimisation
• Description of a process that allows nitration of tools in vacuum
• Article devoted to low pressure nitration in multi-purpose vacuum furnaces
• Analysis of heat exchange processes and reinforcement thereof



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